Diva 35

A Cruiser winning Races

Optimized for cruising, winning races

In the development of the Diva 35.2 we have followed the path from the very first Diva introduced back in 1982, to create yachts that are easy to handle and give it´s owner good performance. Over 500 Diva owners world wide can testify to these characteristics. The new Diva range takes this concept a step further and we have developed the helmsmans possibility to sail the yacht single handed. This is done by using centrally located winches where all halyards and sheets are located. The Diva 35 has an ergonomic cockpit that is a dream to use sailing or in the harbor.

You don't have to be a world champion
The designer behind the Diva brand has many international racing merits as basis for the construction of the Diva. But these credits are not needed to sail the diva 35, quite the contrary. As a matter of fact, a fast and well balanced yacht gives it´s owner a a superior joy for the relaxed family cruise, no matter how skilled you are. With the Diva 35, a yacht optimized for the family cruise is able to perform well also on the race course. The Divas has proven this over and over again. In 2011 the Diva 35 won it´s class in one of Scandinavia's largest races, the Tjörn Runt. As we now introduce the Diva 35.2 we have modernized the design and refined it in several areas.

The new shape
The new Diva 35.2 has the heritage of design that was introduced with the Diva 38. A combination of timeless appearance with a modern and speedy look. The new design makes a statement with speed and performance. It´s a yacht optimized for it´s size with regards to hull shape, cockpit and interior. The Diva 35.2 is a yacht that handles like a 32 footer and has the performance of a 40 footer.

Ergonomics for comfort
The Diva 35.2 has the largest cockpit for a yacht below 40 feet. A well though out cockpit gives perfect comfort during a hard beat racing as well as for a family relaxing at the perfect mooring. The cockpit is arranged for single handed use but with a few options it´s perfect for racing as well.

One or two aft cabins
The standard layout has one aft cabin reading the whole beam of the yacht. This is a perfect solution if you don´t need a lot of berths. As an option there is an extra cabins aft of the wc that fits two persons and also has a sea berth on top. That gives a total of nine berths and six sleeps comfortably without using the salon.

Owners cabin
Both versions of the Diva 35 has a cabins that is really an Owners cabin. Generous two person berth with full sitting height and the bulkhead at the head end, just like home, creates true comfort. A hatch with a view of the sea, and a safety feature, increases the comfort as well.

The two cabin layout gives room for a very spacious wet area. It contains a wet locker, basin, storage and a shower with separate sitting area. Even the three cabin version has a large wet area.

Largest of it´s kind
The U -shaped galley has the same highly regarded shape as in the Diva 38. By using a very harmonic total solution for the layout the galley isn the Diva 35 is something special. The shape allows for perfect seaworthiness, large table top area and good storage space.

Form for function
The plumb stem carries volume forward and allows the fore cabin to be very much forward and makes the interior very spacious. The fore peak has a separate sitting sofa, closet and shelves. The salon has large round sofas that uses the space in an optimal way. Despite the shape the sofas can be converted to berths by easily removable backrests. This give two large extra beds. The circular salon table has a diameter of 1,30m sand the sofas sits eight persons comfortably.

Swedish quality woodwork
The Divas are built by hand in exclusive mahogany interior with satin finish in a soft, round design. As with all Divas there are many innovative features in the layout and details. Diva 35.2 is hand built using only the best equipment and suppliers. Hull and deck is vacuum infused for optimal strength and weight. The Jefa drag link steering system combined with a perfect balanced design gives the Diva 35.2 a fingertip feel that needs to be experienced first hand. The new Diva 35.2 is a refined Cruiser/Racer giving it´s owners comfort, ease of handling and sailing characteristics out of the normal.

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